For a sustainable future

Maintaining a responsibility for people and our environment we support our customers in strengthening their brand trough modern design, top quality and sustainable production.

Our responsibility to people and our environment stretches far beyond our own walls. The partners we choose to work with need find smart solutions and assume their responsibility for their co-workers, making sure the factories are safe to work in and friendly to their environment. We work for sustainability through common goals, gradual development and constant improvement.

What does sustainability mean to us?

To us sustainability means respecting people and our environment. We constantly aim for people in all steps of our production to work in a sustainable manner and consider sustainability in all major decisions their companies make. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the working environment of our partners in Asia has always been a priority for us. This work of integrating sustainability in every aspect of our business will continue.

The People

We believe in high labour standards and a secure working environment for our co-workers, both in Asia and in Sweden.

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The environment

In a resource heavy textile industry the respect for our environment is our greatest challenge. We constantly aim to reduce the negative impact we have on our environment.

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Our challenges

Our greatest challenge is integrating sustainability in every aspect of our business and our day-to-day work. This includes integrating sustainability with our suppliers and partners. Where priorities may not always be the same across the globe, we believe understanding, a mutual respect of our undertakings, common goals, gradual development and constant improvement, are important factors.

Our cooperations

We cooperate with several organisations to improve the working environment, the security of our co-workers, the handling of chemicals and the awareness of environmental issues.

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Do you want to know more about our work in sustainability and environment? Send a mail and we will contact you.