Sustainability Policy
Ted Bernhardtz At Work

The purpose of this document is to describe and communicate our ambitions within sustainable development, which includes economic, environmental, social and quality factors.
The sustainability policy is a framework and support for our work in complying with the UN’s global principles regarding human rights, labor law issues, the environment and corruption, as well as contributing to achieving the global sustainability goals (Agenda 2030).

This policy applies to the company Ted Bernhardtz At Work.

Sustainability Policy Ted Bernhardtz At Work
Our vision is to create a holistic, sustainable, safe and effective overall solution for uniforms that contributes to success and well-being for us and our customers. We create value for our customers by offering comprehensive solutions that last over time and are designed and produced with people and the environment in focus. We work to understand the needs of companies and organizations for uniform solutions with associated services. In a sustainable and resource-efficient way, we take care of the whole from needs analysis to functional uniform to work in.

We work with the following key factors to enable sustainability throughout our business:

Sustainability as a natural part of the strategy
The global principles and goals permeate our strategic work, which is the basis for the decisions, priorities, investments and goals we set. We must work for ecological, economic and social sustainability at all levels.

Law compliance and preventive work
We and our suppliers comply with the applicable laws and regulatory requirements set for safety, hygiene and the environment and continuously check compliance with the law.
we constantly work to prevent accidents and pollution in the environment.

Zero tolerance
We have zero tolerance towards actors and activities that violate the global principles or that oppose our work to contribute to the global sustainability goals.

Supplier responsibility
We place high demands on the suppliers who are appointed as partners and follow up on the suppliers’ compliance with the requirements. together with the suppliers, we work to constantly develop a more sustainable value chain. our ambition is for our suppliers to work with the un’s global principles and contribute to achieving the global sustainability goals.

Employees and society
All employees with us must have the necessary knowledge, responsibility and authority to contribute to our sustainability work. employee well-being and inclusion must be an obvious part of how we work. we also contribute to a sustainable society and social sustainability outside our own company through various initiatives, activities and projects.

Product liability
We work to offer an increased amount of environmentally friendly products that inspire a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable use of the earth’s resources. through good communication and openness towards our customers, we must work for a high level of trust and confidence.

Transparency throughout the production chain
We work together with our suppliers for a transparent value chain. it is crucial to track and secure the sustainability requirements that are set throughout the value chain from raw material to the finished product that is placed on the market.