Our Quality and environmental policy

Ted Bernhardtz At Work takes quality and the environment into account throughout the business, where our success as a company depends on our capacity to understand and meet our customers’ requirements and needs both before and after delivery. With the goal of exceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholders, strategic and systematic sustainability work is conducted with continuous improvements in quality and the environment.

Legal requirements are minimum requirements. In addition, we work preventively to increase quality and service and reduce the environmental impact of our operations with a focus on products, transport, energy use, recycling, reuse and waste.

Our most important resource is our employees and we care about a good, active and exciting work environment. Together, we constantly evaluate and improve our processes and products where all stakeholders expectations are taken into account in quality and environmental issues. Dialogue with customers, suppliers and other partners is of the highest priority and is always seen as a source of renewal and improvement.

Björn Ödman, Managing Director Ted Bernhardtz At Work