A Full Service Set-Up

We offer a full service set-up with design, pattern making, technical expertise, sourcing and production of samples and collections through our studio and office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Ted Bernhardtz Textile Industry offers great commitment and a full service set-up from start to finish. We have a wide range of services, from development to full production and delivery. Our promise is to be flexible, reliable and finding the best solution for your requirements.


Designers from Ted Bernhardtz Creative in Sweden and Dhaka work closely together in a flexible team to offer a durable design. The proximity of the factory allows us to offer swift and professional service and delivery.
Adding flexible design and product development by preparing the technical specifications directly on site.

Pattern construction

We use CAD CAM software which allows us to easily correct patterns for production and quickly make sample adjustments.

Sample making

As we have a wide range of fabrics in stock, we can offer short lead times for sample and sales collections. Our sewing studio is equipped with machines for making all types of garments. That’s what we call service based on experience.

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To create made-to-measure garments and sample collections, we offer a "mini production" set-up in our design studio. Each MTM has its unique pattern developed for each specific occasion.

Sourcing & technical expertise

To meet our customers’ requirements our experienced merchandisers are daily sourcing materials from both Europe and Asia. Together with our technical team, they cater for the high standards of our products.

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