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In our collection, we have split our wool range into three different lines: Comfort Performance, Core Ultimate and Supreme Superwool, according to the properties of the cloth and the intended wear. Common to all three lines is that they are designed for wearability and manufactured to a high standard for long-lasting performance.

Comfort Performance

With its elegant sheen and distinctive diagonal twill weave, Comfort Performance is a high-performance, hard-wearing and contemporary professional suit cut from a wool stretch cloth. The two-way stretch makes it comfortable to wear and extra shrink-resistant for that professional appearance all day at work. The Comfort Performance suit is conveniently washable in an ordinary washing machine.

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Core Ultimate

Our Core Ultimate suit is an urban-style corporate and business suit cut from wool stretch cloth. The weave features ultrafine yarns for a subtler, more tailored feeling. The lightweight, dense weave of a superior twill rib cloth feels extra cool and comfortable to wear, and is equally robust and shrink-resistant. The two-way stretch cloth complements the suit’s elegant cut for a professional appearance all day at work.

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Supreme Superwool

With its discreet minimalist texture, Supreme Superwool is a contemporary suit cut from merino wool cloth. The double-plain weave, or hopsack weave, features black accents in the grey or blue yarn. With its tailored elegance and effortless Scandinavian cool, this suit is appropriate for every setting and occasion. The twin-spun yarns make our Supreme Superwool suit extra durable and shrink-resistant, yet also soft and supple.

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