Modern & functional

The At Work collection

Our Ted Bernhardtz At Work collection is a long term assortment available in stock. It’s a carefully thought through garment combination made in modern design and function, possible to customize for a unique expression.

Clothes are an important part of the corporate identity and we believe in creating modern functional concepts through sustainable production. We produce strong collections with a unique design that will make your co-workers proud.
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Long life products

Long life products refer to work wear and uniforms that are more frequently used than the average garment. The ecological footprint of a garment is threefold: production, which has the greatest environmental impact, transport and usage. We believe in quality and a high quality garment with longevity has less negative impact. Our garments are always produced from a sustainable perspective.

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Unique expression

Our own collection is developed to be easily adapted to our customers’ preferences. Through logoing and refinement we create a unique expression that strengthens the brands of our customers.

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Modern & functional clothes

Ted Bernhardtz At Work collection

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