A green collection

When developing supermarket Coop's uniform collection, innovation was high on the list of requirements. With a willingness to explore greener approaches, we set out to challenge and fulfill the wish. The result - a comprehensive and contemporary uniform line made using a range of eco-friendly materials.

Eco-aware choices

As a manufacturing supplier, we are keen to cooporate with our customers, providing feedback on the environmental impact of the garments in combination with the design from the very beginning of product development. We always strive to help our customers make conscious choices and present sustainable products - conscious choices that have a direct impact on the environment. By developing our fabrics, we created a new collection together with Coop. One example is the WCT jacket, where we have chosen not to brush the inside, while maintaining the softness and comfort. This results in less microplastic fibre pollution of water during laundering.

Long-life products

Our products are already long-life products, as everything is well tested with high quality requirements. With joint ambitions for innovative solutions, we provide guidance and present more sustainable options for elements such as other fabric choices than requested, smart design details, logos and other parts that make a big difference to the whole. High quality for long-life products in projects where the environment and sustainability are prioritised naturally leads to a slightly higher price tag, which can be good to take into account from the start when the goals for product development are high. If one does not yet reach the final level of ambition, the development of a small part of the final product is the beginning of a positive change.

An eye for detail

With Coop's desire to prioritise the environmental aspect, our mission was to challenge and fulfil the desire to an even greater extent - from the creative process to the finished product. In order to tailor this collection to Coop's needs and vision, we therefore took all-around responsibility for garment fit, the choice of materials, wearability and comfort, design and graphic elements. A solid collaboration and an open creative dialogue laid the foundation for a successful result.

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