A full service set-up

We offer our customers a full service set-up. From planning, design, production and sourcing to delivery, distribution, packaging and customer service. Through our top service level we will always support the qulity of your garments and your brand.

Work wear and uniforms is a challenge to all companies. Through strong concepts and professional resources we create reliable solutions to support our customers in their daily work. We design and produce clothes that strengthen the brands of our customers. We offer customer service in several languages, logistics, warehousing and an international network for better support in all markets. Our customers trust us, that’s what we call brand care.

Design & product development

In association with Ted Bernhardtz Creative we offer a full service set-up for design and product development.
Through our vast experience and solid know-how we develop and design complete concepts or single garments. We create workwear and uniforms to wear with pleasure.

Buying & producing

Our buyers works directly with our production office Ted Bernhardtz Textile Industry in Dhaka, Bangladesh. To secure the top quality of our products and deliveries, our quality assurance includes setting specifications and testing samples.

IT & logistics

We keep our promises. The cooperation with our 3PL partner allows us to constantly develop and customise our flexible and reliable order and delivery services.

Logoing & refinement

Embroidery, logo printing, striping and adjustments. We will always find the right solution for our customers through our base collection, which can be logoed and is always available for immediate dispatch. Our own studio will make all the adjustments to to meet each customers’ requirements and regulations.

See what we offer as part of our full service set-up.


The requirements and needs of the customer are analysed carefully before we present our offer. This is always done for all assignments, large and small.

Project management

Our experienced Key Account Managers make sure that our customers can rely on the efficient, responsible and smooth management of our processes.


Our designers create sketches for single productions and complete collections. Based on their know-how and craftsmanship they comply with all requirements for design, functionality, materials and sustainability.

Sample sewing

In our design and sewing studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we create patterns, designs and samples. We also create some smaller productions for tests and fittings.


Our offices and two factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh, offer a flexible full service set-up from first sketch to delivery. Our own quality assurance always works for the benefit of our products, and the people and environment of our planet.


We make it easy for our customers to order their clothes. Our webshop is open 24/7 and customised to meet the requirements of each customer collection.

Customer service

Our customer service supports all enquiries. We assist our customers and their co-workers in a number of languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and English.

Warehousing & logistics

We stock each customer’s unique collection and secure delivery through our 3PL partner. Immediate and swift deliveries are key and we manage small and large dispatches every day.


We always keep our customers in mind. We do single home deliveries, larger shipments to customer warehouses and express deliveries for new recruits. We meet our customers’ needs through the highest service and flexibility.

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