Focus on people

Labour standards in the textile industry are generally high, but not everywhere.

We believe in doing what we can to improve them even further. Our production is based in Asia and many people are involved in the in the process of producing the final garment. We do everything in our power to offer our co-workers high labour standards and a secure working environment.


As a part of our sustainability work we strive to empower people connected to our business. A majority of the employees within the textile industry are women. Women’s well-being is important to us and therefore we collaborate with "HERproject". The project aim to empower women working in the textile industry supply chains by offering workplace-based education on three areas - health, financial inclusion and gender equality. HERproject is initiated by the organization BSR (Business for Social Responsibility).

HERproject's web site

Fair work

To support high labour standards we set a code of conduct for our suppliers, developed by The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), where we are one of many members. BSCI works to tackle the challenges of labour standards in the textile industry by offering one common code of conduct with a focus on high labour standards and a secure working environment. Compliance is controlled through audits by authorised revisers. Potential deviances are documented and corrective action plans are created and followed up upon. To improve the textile industry labour standards is a long-term venture and by learning from our experiences, we will offer a fair and sustainable working environment for all our co-workers.

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Our environment

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